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What is the Difference Between an Orthodontist and a Pediatric Dentist?

It is normal that as a new mom you have doubts and do not know where to take your little one when he has dental problems. In this guide for parents, Dental explains the difference between an orthodontist and a pediatric dentist or a dentist for children.

 What does the orthodontist do?

 The orthodontist specialist is responsible for the  alignment of the teeth , correction of bites and guides the proper growth of the jaws, in children and adults with the use of different dental braces , such as:

  • Invisalign
  •  Sapphire brackets
  • Metallic brackets
  •  Self-ligating

The orthodontist can even treat maxillary or mandibular growth in children through orthopedics. With the use of appliances can correct bites and create the necessary space in the mouth for the proper eruption of permanent teeth.

What is the pediatric dentist in charge of?

The specialist pediatric dentist is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases of the baby , child and adolescent, such as:

  •  Dental caries
  • Dental Hypoplasia
  • Algodoncillo or candidiasis albicans
  •  Bottle cavities
  • Periodontal abscesses
  • Poor hygiene

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The pediatric dentist plays an important role in the dental care of the child, since this specialist is the first doctor with whom the child has contact .

Behavior management is important so that the child from an early age goes without fear problems to prevention appointments involving cleaning, fluoride application and sealants.

If you see something different in your child’s teeth do not hesitate to go to our clinics where we have the best dentists for children who will give you the best treatment and most importantly will give confidence to your children.

In dentistry we have certified orthodontists and pediatric dentists who will give you the best diagnoses and treatments for oral care of your baby.

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