Useful Tips To Prevent Breast CancerCancer 

Useful Tips To Prevent Breast Cancer

Each year, coinciding with the celebration of the World Day against Breast Cancer , hundreds of activities are organized to raise funds and sensitize society, and in particular, all women of the impact of this disease, and the need to reinforce the investigation.

It is likely that you yourself have participated in some of them, like the popular marathons ( Women ‘s Race , Women Race …) or retweeted a message with the hashtag campaign #SumateAlRosa or #AeccEnMarcha of the Spanish Association Against Cancer .

But although we have all heard about what the risk factors are, we do not always take preventive measures. However, it has been shown that of the 25,000 new cases of breast cancer that are detected each year in Spain , and 1.6 million in the world , 20% are related to external factors , such as sedentary lifestyle, excessive consumption of alcohol, inadequate nutrition or excess body fat so they could be preventable. And it is known that 80% of cases that are detected and treated early can be cured.

So we have asked Dr. Rafael Fábregas , consultant of Gynecology Oncology and Breast Health of Women Dexeus to develop a list of 10 simple tips, which are useful to prevent breast cancer:

  1. Make regular checkups. In our center we recommend annual mammograms starting at age 40 . Population control is carried out every two years and after 50 (this would be the minimum recommended).
  2. Explore your breasts once a month . You can do it any day, or after menstruation.
  3. Do physical exercise on a regular basis . To really have a preventive action is recommended a minimum of four hours a week . The type of activity depends on each age, constitution and personal hobbies (do something you like!). The best exercise is aerobic without the need to be competitive.
  4. Keep the right weight.  Obesity is a very important risk factor for breast cancer. The circulating hormones are metabolized in the fat and the result is the presence of tumor inducers. The fight against overweight is an important pillar in the health of the human being. To know if your weight is correct you must calculate your BMI (body mass index) .
  5. Follow a healthy diet. You can ask a nutritionist for advice or consult the pyramid of healthy eating . The Mediterranean diet is a good model to follow. In general it is advisable to provide quality proteins, such as those that contain legumes and meat (preferably white) and fish, fresh fruit, nuts (preferably unroasted and unsalted), seasonal vegetables and carbohydrates. of slow absorption (like rice) and virgin olive oil.
  6. It reduces the consumption of alcohol.  Alcohol causes an increase in fats and is a hepatic toxic. Both reasons can increase the risk for breast cancer.
  7.  Stay in shape after menopause. It is shown that regular physical exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer at this stage.
  8. Ask for genetic advice.  Some mutations, especially in the BRCA1, BRCA2 and p53 genes, are associated with a 20-30% increase in the risk of this type of cancer. However, they are rare and explain only a small part of the total breast cancer burden. If you have a family history or have had a benign tumor, you should consult an expert. In our center we offer specific tests to detect the risk individually and we offer guidance to know what options exist in these cases.

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