Tips To Prevent Lung CancerCancer 

Tips To Prevent Lung Cancer

On November 17 of each year the International Day of Lung Cancer is celebrated in Spain, in order to raise awareness and sensitize society.

Currently, lung cancer is one of the leading causes of death, caused, in most cases, by tobacco. But other factors such as genetics, age, sex or an unhealthy lifestyle can also influence it.

According to the Spanish Association of Affected Patients of Lung Cancer  (AEACaP) , it is the first cause of bite derived from cancer in Spain and affects mostly men, although it should be noted that 85% of women who suffer from it have a cause main consumption of tobacco.

Educating to prevent is the key to reducing the percentage of patients in the medium term. Most tips to prevent any type of cancer can be useful for the specific case of lung cancer but. Even so, we offer you some tips to prevent and be alert to any sign of evidence.

  • Know yourself Nobody better than you to realize the changes and alerts that your body launches.
  • STOP SMOKING ALREADY! By all it is known that many types of cancer and, especially lung cancer, are directly related to tobacco.
  • Healthy diet: although you can give yourself a treat from time to time, life is also to enjoy the pleasures.
  • Sedentary: as we always recommend, if you do not resist practicing high intensity sports, the best thing to strengthen lungs and heart is to go for a walk.
  • Covers mouth and nose the days of red alert of pollution in your city.
  • In industrial workplaces dedicated to the manufacture of certain objects it is necessary to avoid to inspire in excess harmful substances such as some metals (carcinogenic substances).
  •  Around the age of 55, it is convenient to start doing periodic medical check-ups in order to be able to move forward and act in case the first symptoms appear.

In matters of prevention, it is especially important to have contracted a good medical insurance that provides us with the necessary care as there are certain prevention practices that social security still does not cover.

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