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Tips To Avoid Mosquito Bites

Do you have mosquitoes at home lately? Take a look at these tips to avoid the bites of mosquitoes that will be useful.

The rainy season is usually the one that people like the most , mainly because it marks the end of the warmth, and all that water that comes from the heights, begins to cool the earth.

For others it is a difficult time of the year , either because they were not predictable when it comes to repair leaks in their home, or as in some countries, that the water level becomes such that they become damaged areas.

But not only do you have to worry about leaks and floods. There is a great health problem caused by the rains , because rodents and insects seek refuge in our homes.

Particular attention must be paid to two particular diseases that are dengue and chikungunya , both transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti , or white-legged mosquito .

Of course, we must also remember that mosquitoes, in addition to these dangerous diseases, sting us to feed , leaving in their wake, inflammations that are painful and annoying throughout the day, plus they bother us when we sleep with their constant buzzing.

But do not worry, thinking about it we have brought the following tips to avoid mosquito bites much more easily.

Tips and tips to avoid mosquito bites

¿ What is the best way to avoid mosquito bites , or thus dangerous diseases that come with them? Preventing the same mosquitoes from multiplying . The way to achieve this is simple, because it is enough to know what is the life cycle of these insects, and the different ways that exist to prevent it.

The mosquitoes look for places where there is standing water to deposit their eggs . This water can be what your plants have , even the one you have in tanks or containers , and even the puddles left by the rain , or the small lid of the drink that you bought some time ago and threw in the street. As you will realize, they can come from any side , and it can be a titanic task to end these breeding sites, but it is not impossible.

You can start at home, remove the puddles left behind after the rain, cover the containers and water tanks.

You must also constantly change the water in your plants, and apply a few drops of chlorine to the water you have in reserve , or any chemical that is not harmful to your health, but that serves to combat the larvae in the water.

In your community, design campaigns , instructing each person on what to do in their homes and on the streets, eliminating any potential breeding place that mosquitoes could use to reproduce.

By doing this, you will notice how quickly the mosquitoes are reduced , and therefore, the bites will be much smaller.

Strengthen your house

If you do not let the mosquitoes invade your house, you will avoid much inconvenience. To do this, place plastic or metal maya in all the entrances of your house , both doors and windows.

You can extend this much further and apply it to your room, tending a large veil that covers your bed at night. This is an ideal solution to cover your baby’s crib.


This is the most common method of attack , because you just have to go to the nearest store and buy the insecticide spray that you want the most.

But in addition to aerosols, you will also find spirals that you can burn like incense.

You must remember that, although this method is very effective, you are contaminating your home , which may affect future diseases for your family.

Ultra sound

With the growing technology boom, the additives that specialize in pest control could not be made to wait.

You can find electronic ultrasound systems in the nearest store, which proclaim their great efficiency , emitting a sound of such high frequency that the human being can not hear it.

But its efficiency is questionable, since there are no studies to support it. But what we do not know, is what effects these ultra sounds have on us.

It is thought that it does not hurt us because we do not listen to them, but its effects go much further than just the sound. We must remember that the basic principle of the operation of the microwave oven is to emit very high frequency waves to heat the food.

There are studies that support that the frequencies that cell phones emit can be harmful in the long term for the human body . Now imagine that it can happen if you have these devices on fire every day at home.

There are some tricks for your home . Yes, I talk to you about those things that your grandpa always told you, but you never paid attention.


  • Use vitamin B . To do this you just have to get a vitamin B capsule and spill its contents in the cream or lotion you always use. In this way you will create a shield that the mosquitoes will not want to surpass. The effectiveness of this method is very questioned, but it is one of the most popular for many decades. If you do not believe me, ask your grandmother.
  • Burns the shell of a coconut or an egg carton . Do you remember that there are incense-like insecticides that you can burn? Well, this is a very efficient natural alternative. Although clear, the smoke that is issued can also be harmful to health. The principle is simple, take the shell of a coconut (the outer layer, which has multiple strands, not the hard shell) or an egg carton.Turn it on and leave it in the area where you want to avoid mosquitoes. You will be surprised that they will immediately disappear.

Chemical means are very effective in getting rid of mosquitoes. There are also natural remedies that, incredible as it may seem, are on par with effectiveness with industrial alternatives.

Natural alternatives

We must avoid being bitten at all costs, and of course, protect children. Keep these tips in mind to avoid mosquito bites, and you’ll get out well.

  • You can use lemon and cloves . This will move away all mosquitoes with great effectiveness, while you get a rich flavoring. To do this take a container, in the squeeze several lemons, and then add the cloves. Put it in the area you want to keep free of mosquitoes, and go.
  • Use a mosquito trap . To make it you simply recycle a plastic container of your favorite drink and cut it over half. Take the top of the container, and place it face down inside the second part of the container you cut. Fix it well with duct tape and add water until half of the container is removed. Then add a packet of yeast, a spoonful of sugar and mix well. Finally, take a black card and wrap it with the trap. Fix it well with adhesive tape. It is enough just to place the trap in the places you think are convenient.

If you wonder what this trap is about, well, the yeast contains bacteria that feed on sugar and emit carbon dioxide.

The mosquitoes detect this dioxide and go to their source thinking that they will find a prey to feed on. These will enter the container, and then it will be very difficult for them to leave. Incredible as it seems, this trap is very effective.

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