Tips for The Prevention of Breast CancerCancer 

Tips for The Prevention of Breast Cancer

Preventing breast cancer is also in our hands. This is the premise that Polisalud starts with this October. In fact, we believe that the first step to fight against the most frequent tumor in women is prevention. Therefore, today we give you a series of simple tips, which can all help through which you can help reduce the risk of developing a tumor in the chest:

  • Always active! We know that it is important to avoid sedentary life. Go for a walk at a steady pace, go by bike, or do yoga, you can even do it from home thanks to videos that you can find on the net. The realization of a physical activity between thirty minutes and one hour a day decreases the risk of suffering from this type of cancer .
  • Enjoy the outdoors. It is preferable to practice outdoor physical activity, as well as the vitamin D that you acquire by exposing yourself to the sun in moderation, it is very beneficial in prevention, do not forget your sunscreen.
  • Say goodbye to fats. Do not leave them completely aside but it is important to avoid the consumption of animal fats every day.
  • Beware of the quantities. Fatty foods should not exceed 25-30% of the calories in our diet.
  • That fiber is your ally. The consumption of foods rich in fiber, as well as those rich in vitamin A, C and E, help protect our body.
  • Change your diet If we include in our diet foods such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage, green or purple, cauliflower or turnips, we will have extra protection, since they have a protective effect against cancer due to its sulforaphane content, a component that It strengthens the cells that help fight tumors. Flavonoids are the nutrients that give fruits and vegetables their pigment and are rich in anticancer properties.
    • The omega3 fatty acids In recent studies, has been found to reduce tumor development in breast cancer and prostate cancer. The consumption of omega-3supplements    helps to obtain the protection your body needs to reduce the risk of cancer .
      • Avoid drinking alcohol. The latest studies show that taking an average of between 3 and 6 drinks a week can increase the probability of suffering a tumor by up to 15%, a risk percentage that rises to 51% if consumption is done in a daily
      • Breastfeeding also helps. Breastfeeding helps protect against breast cancer . It is advisable to breastfeed babies for at least 6 months and highly recommended for at least one year. And there are several studies that show the relationship between the stage of breastfeeding babies and the reduction of risk factors for breast cancer .

Prevention always helps health. Changing eating habits, taking supplements and doing physical activity can change our lives for the better. We do not always relate excess weight to the risk of suffering from cancer, but more and more studies point to this relationship. Polisalud is with you in the path of a healthy life follow us .

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