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Synthetic Urine vs Detox: A Closer Look

Believe it or not, using a fake pee to pass a drug test is real. Not only they are legitimate, a lot of shops are selling them in the open. A lot of people actually buy them and uses them.

What is Synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine or commonly known as lab urine or fake pee is a liquid that mimics the chemical and visual properties of a real urine. Fake urine is used in urinalysis, but it is most commonly used to pass the dreaded drug test. As much as synthetic pee can let you pass the test, it is still cheating and highly illegal. Fake urine comes in 2 forms, the fake pee in liquid and powder form. Both liquid and powdered urine has an expiration date. Its effectiveness diminishes once it expires so always check if the sample is still good to use or not. Aside from the said tests, these things are also used in kinky sex, used as an animal repellent and for pranks among friends.

How reliable are these things?

Synthetic urine is made to mimic the qualities of a normal urine. It is made so real, it can fake even the strictest laboratory test there is. People use these fake pee as their last resort because if caught, you will face the embarrassment, not to mention the law because in some states, faking a urine is a felony offense. Although, some people will argue that asking for a drug test is an invasion of people’s privacy and civil liberty, cheating a urine analysis is still cheating and highly illegal. Even with the government’s warning about using fake pee in drug tests, there are still people who are brave enough and will risk anything just to pass these tests. Safety should always be the first priority when dealing with synthetic materials. Laboratory centers have evolved so as these fake urines. A reliable synthetic should meet certain criteria to be called quality urine. They should contain uric acid, urea, creatinine, and nitrates which are found in normal urines. They should also have the correct temperature which is 90 to 100°F or 32 to 36°C. pH level should also mimic the normal pH level of real urine (between 4.8 to 8). And the most important qualities are the smell and the color. These synthetic samples should have a strong smell and yellowish in color. If you want to know more about the characteristics of synthetic urines you can always look the top fake pee reviews website and see what other people say about these things.

What are the things laboratories looking for?

In the medical profession, a urine test is one of the most important tests medical practitioners will perform to know what is wrong with your body. Any abnormalities in your urine will reflect the state of health you are in. But there is a big difference between the use of urine in urinalysis and drug screening. In drug testings, they don’t usually look for sex hormones, genetic data, prescription medications (except for opioid or any compound that is under the program) or general health of the patients. They usually look for THC content, Amphetamines, Opiates, cocaine compounds, PCPs or alcohol contents. The test will also check the pH level, creatinine, uric acid, urea concentration, excessive nitrates, Glutaraldehyde and specific gravity of the urine. Laboratories don’t usually reject sample raises unwanted red flags. They will double check the urine’s temperature after receiving it. It is the temperature of the urine why synthetic urine users are caught when taking a drug screening. And this is also the reason why the laboratories require people who take the screening to provide a urine on the spot.

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Drug tests have become more sophisticated through the years, thanks to the popularity of these synthetic urines. Laboratories are starting to distinguish fake from real pee. These make a type of competition between synthetic pee manufacturers and the test centers. Both are making development to out-compete the other.

Does using fake pee guarantee a negative drug result?

The popularity of these fake urines comes from the fact that drug components take time before it leaves your body. Cannabis takes 3-4 days to be flushed out of your system. It also depends how frequent you are using. Amphetamines take 2-3 days, cocaine 2-10 days, PCP 7 days, opiates 2-5 days so on and so forth. You see, people have to use these synthetic things because they don’t have the time for to flush out the substance out of their body. Synthetic urine gives you 100% success. Unmatched by any detoxifying techniques today.

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