Secure Medical Treatment Through EHIC When Moving AbroadHealth 

Secure Medical Treatment Through EHIC When Moving Abroad

It’s good that you have got a chance to move to another country for your desired purpose. It can be holidays, business, job or permanent stay. You must have arranged for the travelling agency, flight tickets, accommodation, work permits, visa, etc. Don’t forget EHIC –your European Health Insurance Card.

Remember, if are going overseas for a permanent stay, you won’t avail the NHS rules affiliated medical treatment automatically. The healthcare system of NHS is based on residence. You must notify the general physician and have to remove your family members from the NHS register.

Don’t think that EHIC will act as your travel insurance. You will require both valid travel insurance policy and EHIC while you are travelling. So EHIC application is mandatory. Again, in the EEA countries, the privilege of EHIC depends on the EU law’s insurability. It never depends on the nationality of anyone.

For your knowledge:

  • The UK runs a healthcare system that is based on residency. The UK’s insurability is not determined by the earlier, or the present payment of the UK regulated taxes and National insurance.
  • The UK will undoubtedly insure you under EU regulation if you are originally a UK resident. You will automatically be entitled to EHIC.

Some important points to be remembered for EHIC registration:

  • Create your account at the EHIC site for EHIC application. It’s better to avoid unauthorised website for security reasons. The basic details needed are the name and email id. You have to provide a password.
  • For children under age 16, guardian or parent has to register as the primary EHIC applicant. Their details must be recorded first. Then, they will be allowed to apply for an extra card.
  • If you are the principal applicant, you have the right to approach for family members and children’s EHIC application
  • Using of EHIC services portal is prohibited from receiving the replacement of damaged or lost card.

How will you do it?

  • First, register by creating an account. Give your name and email id. Select a password. Don’t reveal the password to anyone.
  • You will get an email. It contains a link. It helps in activating your account.
  • If you still not received it, check the junk folder because your mail service provider can treat it as spam.
  • You have to click on the link. You can also ‘copy and paste’ the given link into a fresh browser.
  • After activating your account, log in to the EHIC service portal. You have to provide the same email id and password that you have given for account creation.

In exceptional cases, the EHIC facility can be rendered to the people who are going abroad for a specified period for work. Your UK state pension also depends on the same factor. If somebody wishes to stay overseas permanently, he/she will not be covered by EHIC.

Therefore, you can well understand the importance of EHIC application in case you are moving out of the EEA countries for a specific time.

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