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Information you need to know about e cig when getting it first time

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular among heavy smokers, and those who just want to get a little bit healthier after smoking tobacco. The tobacco industry is going through downfall. These new technological innovations are taking their place in business. Even if they are not tested as much as they should be, e-cigs are booming.

Today, many types of e-cigarette and starter kits exist in shops all over the world. All of these devices offer good value for money. They are relatively easy to use and convenient. We are going to cover sometypes and what are positives and negatives about every type, so you can make a good choice on which one to use.

Closed pod system

The disposable cig-a-like and closed pod system is a good way to start your vaping journey. Usually they are cheaper to begin with, very easy to use and convenient. When it comes to cig-a-like the name comes from the look and it has a lower price. Also, it offers a basic performance. Closed pod system offers a more advanced performance with more modern hardware.

These devices have two main parts, the rechargeable battery also you have a disposable pod filled with e-liquid obviously with nicotine inside it, and a heating element.All you need to do to use it is place the pod inside and simply inhale. You don’t have to press any buttons or set any settings. It is nice and easy to use.


The cig-a-like words in exactly the same way. Except that the butt operates as the pod and the white portion as the battery. It has a screwing mechanism. These types of devices have a small LED light which indicates when the device is in use. Depending on the strength of the battery, or how much battery life you have left, that LED light will sometimes change color to let you know when your battery is about to die.

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When it comes to charging these devices, most of them will use a USB of some form. The benefit of the cig-a-like and closed pod system or smaller devices like this is that they are available everywhere, easy to use, inexpensive, convenient and extremely portable. Also, if you are using it in public, people will react more calmly.The downside is that this device will offer limited vapor production in comparison to other, bigger devices, and also limited battery life. So, if you are planning on using it a lot, you will have to carry more than a couple batteries and maybe even multiple pods. 

Refillable tank kits

Refillable tanks are larger, bulkier in size, but they have more advantages over the previous style. The best this about this kit is the refillable clearomiser tank. It has the same role as the prefilled pod. Many of these kits do not come with eliquid, so you will need to buy some for use with your kit.

With these larger style kits, you will get a larger battery capacity. They usually last 4 to 6 times longer. With these types of devices when you use them, the liquid level will drop, you are vapourising the liquid and therefore it decreases. Most of them will have a small line which is a minimum fill line, so you should always keep it topped up.

Another great thing with these styles of kits is because we are not throwing away the pod when it is finished when the tank is empty we simply refill it, we are saving money over time.

They can be the disposable and refillable tank and the kit where the tank itself is not disposable, but the heating element, otherwise is known as the coil is. With the disposable style kits over time and with use, the vapourization of eliquid will decrease the effectiveness the heating element and the wicking material in the tank.

The other advantage of the non-disposable refillable tanks is that they are usually made to a higher quality. This is because they are meant to last, not only that but they will come with more features.

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