Ideal Dental Treatments for a Broken ToothDental 

Ideal Dental Treatments for a Broken Tooth

A fractured tooth can be the result of a car accident, a fight or a sports blow, so you should go to the dentist as soon as possible. Here we tell you the treatments that will help you save that broken tooth.

How can a broken tooth be repaired?

The dental treatment to be used when suffering from a dental fracture as a result of a violent action, will depend on the amount of structures that have been affected.

Dental splint

Sometimes the teeth after receiving a blow do not break, only suffer a slight mobility that can be resolved with the use of a rigid splint resting on other teeth in order to restore health to the tooth and prevent further movement.

The dental splints can be made with resin or with an orthodontic wire fixed with resin normally for 2 weeks that time will determine the level of mobility.

Dental resin 

The dental resin will be used to reconstruct a tooth that has suffered a slight fracture at the edge of the tooth, given the appearance of being unattached. When reconstructing this edge with resin, aesthetics are returned to the smile.

Dental trauma can affect the internal part of the tooth, referring to the dental pulp or nerve, which can be affected by changes in temperature.

In these cases it is necessary to perform an endodontics, in this video we tell you what it is.


The dental trauma can potentially cause rupture of an external structureimportant tooth, preventing its reconstruction. Thanks to dental innovation this problem is solved with the placement of an endopost after the endondoncia treatment.

The endoposts act as supporting pillars in a fractured tooth that, when placed inside the tooth, give resistance and hardness to the tooth and later reconstruct it with a dental crown.

Dental crown

Dental crowns can be used on anterior teeth or on posterior teeth such as teeth for reconstruction after a dental fracture. Sometimes it is necessary to undergo an endodontics prior to this dental treatment.

<< Types of dental crowns >>

The great advantage of these crowns is that they are highly aesthetic since you can choose a color that mimics that of other teeth.

Dental extraction

Dental extraction is the treatment of choice when faced with a root fracture, since the fracture of the tooth support can not be maintained in the mouth.

Even in a tooth fracture that involves most of the structure, preventing its restoration with a dental crown, it is best to remove it and prevent the accumulation of bacteria that cause a dental infection.

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