How To Overcome The Smiling Depression?

When we talk about depression, a sad person comes to our mind. There are many people in our surroundings who are suffering from depression. They remain sad and cannot focus on their tasks. They are anti-social and do not like to be friends with people. But there are also the people who are smiling all the time and remain happy when meeting anybody. They are the life of the parties, but inside they are fighting with depression. We call this type of depression “the smiling depression.” When they are in gatherings, they have a smile on their faces, but when they are alone, they feel sad. The smiling depression is more dangerous.

The symptoms or signs of smiling depression:

Sadness is associated with depression, but not everyone shows the same signs. In smiling depression, the person always has a smile on his face that does not let people know that he is fighting depression. Here are a few telltale signs of smiling depression everyone needs to know:

  • Lack of concentration
  • Negative thoughts that keep the person disturbed
  • Staying in a depressed state of mind
  • Staying anxious
  • Insomnia
  • Hyper insomnia
  • Lack of appetite
  • A sudden increase in appetite
  • Suicidal dreams
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Losing interest in daily activities

Deal with the smiling depression:

You see a person who is smiling all the time does not mean he is happy inside. Some people hide their feelings and do not want people to know about their depression. If you are the one who is fighting with the smiling depression, then you should not go with the flow. In fact, you should take the matter seriously and try to overcome it. The best solution is to get help from e- counseling where therapists will guide you how to improve your mental health.

 It is still a stigma to take mental health counseling. People say brutally that the person with mental illness is crazy. People need to change their attitude. In fact, they should help others to get out of the depression or other mental issues. Try to make that person happy. There could be many reasons for having a smiling depression. You should not leave that person alone.  If you see someone around you is depressed try to find out why. It is highly important to bring happiness in the person’s life who has the smiling depression.

Above all the best way to overcome smiling depression is to consult a therapist. If you cannot attend the in-person sessions, then you should go for the online therapies. The benefit of online therapies is you can get a session any time you get free. If you have no time to go to therapist’s office, then you may miss the session, and the therapist would start again. In online therapy, you can attend a session even if you are in the office or traveling. Do not take the stress and try to be happy.