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How to Better Manage Your Resources Juice Your Brand

The strongest means you have to communicate your mission, vision and values ​​in a single image is your brand. That’s why if your facilities are not immersed in it, it’s time to get down to work. With a defined brand you can give your users the idea of ​​a safe and friendly environment, in addition to giving an identity to your staff, your team and your entire gym. This is how important it is to have a brand. Keep reading for some tips on how to get juice.

To begin with, what is your brand?

Your brand is your identity, it is the reputation you have built and a quality promise that you make to your users and shareholders, as well as adding value to your facilities. It is based on your business culture and the most important values ​​in your gym.

And why is it so important to define your brand?

We already said that it is your identity, and obviously you want to have a well defined one in such a competitive industry. Something as “simple” as a brand well thought out and focused on your principles and values ​​can make a gym go from regular to extraordinary.

A brand helps to create an environment with which your users identify, feel welcome and appreciated, which translates into more passionate members spreading that passion to everyone around them.

Surely your gym already has something similar to a brand, at least a logo, then just need to refine it and make it coherent, communicating your ideals day by day.

 How do I mold my brand?

Collect positive and inspiring experiences that you can share with your users, through this you create feelings of attachment and loyalty to your brand while inspiring your customers to continue giving the best of them. We already mentioned the importance of a business culture and the values ​​of your gym, these have a direct impact on the environment that you create in your facilities, so identify them and take them out.

 What are my values?

Each company has fundamental values ​​by which all its decisions and actions are governed. Without these values ​​it is difficult to define your identity and what you want to offer your clients, so to work. To define them, think about your mission and your vision and what you want to offer your users, and synthesize it into a few values ​​(respect, responsibility, discipline, perseverance …). Since you have your values, it is time to apply them: explain them to your staff so they can carry them out, or put some posters around the gym so that they are always in view.

to take into consideration

The following questions will help you shape your brand:

– Personally, why did you get involved with this company?

– What do you expect your users to achieve?

– In the fitness industry and in your community, what reputation do you want for your gym?

– What do your programs and offers have in common with your brand? What business culture best suits your brand and image?

Make your employees your ambassadors

Who forms the soul of your gym? Sure, your staff! So when hiring staff take into account the values ​​you chose for your gym and the culture of your brand, and make sure they are people who will put this into practice in their attitude and personality day by day. Train your staff to know your brand and what it represents, in this way they can be your ambassadors.

Design your gym thinking of your brand

A very important part, if not the most important, is your logo. Let’s review it: is it present both inside and outside your facilities? Is the color and style of your logo reflected in the uniforms of your staff, your walls and other marketing materials?

Well, your space must have an identity, and the one you want to reflect is yours, be it with a focus on community, fun, or structure. For this, your decoration, equipment, program, design and even the structure of your facilities must reflect your brand.

Make sure you have your visual identity also present in your social networks, institutional emails, and marketing materials. Use styles based on your logo and a consistent tone in all your messages. You can consider selling your brand merchandise, which will allow your users to show off how much they like their gym.

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