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How Does Anxiety And Depression Affects Us

Starting in Cranbourne, we at HealthMint believe that healthcare can and should be better and that a medical center should be a comfortable and inviting environment. Visiting a doctor should be to stay healthy, not just to treat illness and we also believe in a fresh take on healthcare. We are offering all the additional services that are expected from a family doctor like immunization, chronic disease management, child health, weight management, and maternal health. Listening to our patient’s needs, providing thorough and attentive care and have a commitment to running on time is what our family doctors can provide.

The Technology and Efficiency

While we minimize waiting time for us to deliver high quality, our systems and processes are put in place to enhance efficiency. Which only means we can cut down on waste like using technology to save time so that more time is available for your consultations with our doctors and nurses. We can maintain a high-quality service while keeping prices affordable and healthcare accessible by being more efficient. We use a variety of technology that is not traditionally found in a circle of health care. For us to put our attention to the most important thing to us which is you, we offer tablets for check in and all of our staff work through mobile devices that let us attend to your needs from the moment you walk in the door and assist you no matter where you are inside our medical center.

What Are The Differences Between Depression And Anxiety?

Anxiety and depression have different definitions of each other:

  • Anxiety – is a feeling of nervousness, worry or unease of something with an uncertain outcome. Without any reason or cause, you will feel this anxious without expecting it and it’s not just feeling of worry or stress but its when this feeling won’t go away.
  • Depression – is a mood disorder affecting how you think and behave. You lose interest in things and often without any reason at all you will feel persistently sad and low for a long period of time and often without any reason.

How Can Health Mint Support A Patients With Mental Health Concerns

HealthMint offers a Mental Health Care Plans that involves listening to where you are and whatever your personal goals are. We assess your state of mind and provide with a referral to a psychologist or psychiatrist where you will be eligible for a Medicare rebate for six sessions.

Stress Check Up in Cranbourne North

Out of three Australian’s, there’s this one who experiences stress or anxiety throughout their lifetime. Know that you are not alone if you only take one thing away from reading this but if you’re ready to take some steps forward and looking for someone to guide you through, then your HealthMint doctor is here to lend a helping hand and a non-judgmental ear. We all have times in our lives where we face difficulty and many people find that it’s already improving their situation significantly by just the process of starting to get help.

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