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Hair Care: 3 Signs You Need the Relaxing Scalp Treatment in Singapore

Scalp treatments are one of the most neglected services at any salon. Think about it: if you want healthier hair, doesn’t it make sense that you have to nurture the base at the scalp? Different people live with poor scalp health, but there are plenty of ways to treat and prevent that while also indulging in the pampering element of visiting salons!

Like your body, the scalp accumulates everything you apply to it. And with time, they build up and cause damage to the delicate foundation of the scalp. For this reason, you need to spend for a detox treatment to eliminate all the risky chemicals and restore the balance. Not sure if you need it? Here are the signs that you need a relaxing scalp treatment in Singapore.

You Only Clean Your Hair a Few Times a Week. 

In the period of co-washing and dry shampoo addictions, you have abandoned the concept of cleaning and applying shampoos on your hair. While the short-term effects can be great for hair growth and health, your scalp may not be suited for this tradition. Most shampoos have the unique formula and pH to cleanse the scalp of excess product buildup, residue, and sebum. When you continually omit this step, hair follicles can become clogged – resulting in weak hair strands, thinning hair, and hair loss. It isn’t concluded that you start cleaning your hair daily – because it also its own disadvantages – but, it’s the right time to start inserting a soothing scalp detox treatment in your beauty regimen.

You’ve Started a New Diet or Lifestyle.

You’ve probably started to make some positive changes to your lifestyle and diet; however, did you know when starting the detoxification process, toxins are released through the large pores on your scalp? This can result in breakouts, which is quite bothersome and painful. All natural scalp treatments, specifically those mixed with herbal medicines, help soothe the inflammation and simplify the detox process by eliminating all chemicals left on the skin.

You’ve Started to Observe Thinning and Hair Loss. 

If you’re not experiencing alopecia areata, chances are your hair loss problem is originating from oxidative stress. While there can be different reasons why your hair is shedding more than normal, it’s mainly because of the existence of a low number of antioxidants and excess free radicals in your body. This imbalance results in oxidative stress, which breaks cells in the body such as hair follicles. To alleviate oxidative stress, it’s highly recommended limiting your exposure to free radicals. Yes, there may be too many free radicals in the environment that it’s nearly impossible to avoid them but there are various preventive measures you can follow to prevent oxidative stress.

In most cases, a relaxing scalp treatment in Singapore effectively releases risky toxins before they attack the hair follicle and refreshes it with antioxidants to keep it protected.

Ever sensed your hair oily and slimy despite how many times you clean it? Adding a scalp treatment to your beauty regimen can help flush out all the chemicals that your daily shampoos can’t handle and eliminate.

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