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Everything you need to know before you purchase a powdered urine

Nowadays, especially within the United States, many employers are deciding to run drug tests by which they will know about the habits of their employees which might affect their productivity within the workplace. However, besides an activity of this kind can be easily faked, you should be aware about all the side effect of the frequent usage of drugs that may occur towards your health. When it comes to the method by which those test are ran by, there can be couple of them, but the most used one is the urine testing, since that is the easiest and the cheapest form of providing certain results without being exposed to investing a big amount of money in a activity of this kind.

How to find a powdered urine

In order to fake a certain test, firs of all, you must get a powdered urine kit. If you just search this phase into your search bar, you will be able to see a lot of results about certain webpages which can provide you some examples. The most important thing when following this step is to be aware about the quality of the product, which means that it shouldn’t be made by people which are not professional in this field. Making even the smallest mistake can lead you to losing your job, and we are sure that this is not the ending you are looking forward to. Once you are able to find couple of best fake pee providers, you should do an additional research over the substances inside, and find some reviews from their previous customers. Not every product is of the same quality and even though some of the providers may promise you a quality product, the results can be bad in the end.

How to sneak it inside successfully

Once you are done with the first step, you should follow some previous experiences from people that have already passed to a process such as this, which will help you learn more over the way of sneaking out the urine inside the bathroom. In most of the situations, you will be supervised during the process of collecting the urine (no matter now weird it sounds), so by that, you must enter inside ready. The best way to do this is to try doing it at home first. Since the urine has all the substances that the real one provided in that particular moment is made of, it should be warm within couple of minutes, so by that, be sure that when you are providing it, the temperature is the same as it was taken in that particular moment. This means that it shouldn’t be too cold, neither too warm. Also, the water provided in a bathroom made for activities of this kind is usually colored, so make sure that you will bring additional water inside with you. All of those steps are very important and if it happens to miss something, it can lead you to surrender and taking care about all the consequences. In order to avoid an ending of this kind, you should be extra careful and predict the situation’s turnout in front.


Being oppressed to do an activity of this kind may bring you to a very stressful situation. Once you’ve committed all the previous steps, there is no need to be afraid about the outcome, since if the powdered urine is of a good quality, you can pass through it successfully. When they are running the analysis over it, there is no way of spotting if it is a fake one, but remember that all you need to do is to mix it with the right amount of liquid inside the bathroom, and be sure that you are having the right amount of the product inside with you, as well as water. Sometimes, if you don’t provide them a decent amount of liquid by which they can run additional tests, they may bring you back in order to fill it, and you don’t want to be caught in the middle of a situation. Remember to stay as calm as possible in order to pass through it with a negative result.

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