Types Of Training to Improve Health and fitness Level Fitness 

3 Types Of Training to Improve Health and fitness Level

Those who exercise regularly may adhere to the same routines for comfort, but it is important to use different routines to acquire, and retain, better results through physical activity. Endurance training Resistance training, also known as aerobics, helps develop energy and endurance, in addition to improving the functioning of the heart and lungs. Another benefit of resistance training is the increase in the metabolic rate, which is what helps a person burn calories even when the exercise is over, as well as aiding in the body’s efforts to tone up. Endurance…

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Personal Trainers How to Motivate Your Customers Fitness 

Personal Trainers How to Motivate Your Customers

The road to a healthy life is not always easy, on the contrary, it is full of challenges that can make your clients feel a bit pessimistic about their progress, but do not worry, here are some tips to motivate them to continue this journey. Highlight the positive According to the National Institute of Personal Training, focusing on the positive rather than seeing the problems helps better performance. Always look for ways to encourage your customers honestly and do not skimp on compliments, if they feel supported and emotionally secure it…

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Choose The Best HIIT Protocol Fitness 

How to Choose The Best HIIT Protocol

HIIT training, or high intensity interval training, is a popular model in today’s industry, but what is it and how to choose the best protocol? What is HIIT? – HIIT comes from the English high intensity interval training, or high intensity interval training – Alternate intervals of exercise and recovery using one’s own body weight (running, power movements), functional training equipment (dumbbells, ropes, etc.), or cardio equipment – Exercise intervals can range from five seconds to eight minutes and must be performed at 80-95% of HRmax – The recovery intervals depend on the…

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Better Manage Your Resources Juice Your Brand Fitness 

How to Better Manage Your Resources Juice Your Brand

The strongest means you have to communicate your mission, vision and values ​​in a single image is your brand. That’s why if your facilities are not immersed in it, it’s time to get down to work. With a defined brand you can give your users the idea of ​​a safe and friendly environment, in addition to giving an identity to your staff, your team and your entire gym. This is how important it is to have a brand. Keep reading for some tips on how to get juice. To begin with, what is your…

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Exercises for Beginners That You Can Do at Home Fitness 

8 Exercises for Beginners That You Can Do at Home

If you already decided to start getting fit, but you can not pay a membership, do not worry, remember that wanting is power and it is very easy to exercise from your own home, even if you do not have any equipment. Bridge The bridges help strengthen your abdomen, lower back and tendons of the thighs. In addition, it helps you maintain and improve your posture either sitting or standing. How: Lie on your back and bend your knees by placing your feet on the floor at hip height. Elevate your hips so…

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