A Cancer Patient Terminal Offers On His Blog Tips To Enjoy Life Cancer 

A Cancer Patient Terminal Offers On His Blog Tips To Enjoy Life

Since 2010, Denis Wright has suffered from a glioblastoma, an aggressive type of brain cancer, but he is not willing to throw in the towel. Wright, 66, of Armidale, Australia, reports on his blog ” My Unwelcome Stranger ” (“My Uninvited Guest”) of his daily battle with the disease (“incurable” according to neurosurgeons who treat him), something that allows him to show that he “is still there.” Wright tries in this way to distract his mind from the omnipresent cancer – the doctors advance him on dozens of successive dates in which he would…

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Tips To Prevent Lung Cancer Cancer 

Tips To Prevent Lung Cancer

On November 17 of each year the International Day of Lung Cancer is celebrated in Spain, in order to raise awareness and sensitize society. Currently, lung cancer is one of the leading causes of death, caused, in most cases, by tobacco. But other factors such as genetics, age, sex or an unhealthy lifestyle can also influence it. According to the Spanish Association of Affected Patients of Lung Cancer  (AEACaP) , it is the first cause of bite derived from cancer in Spain and affects mostly men, although it should be noted that 85% of women who suffer from…

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Useful Tips To Prevent Breast Cancer Cancer 

Useful Tips To Prevent Breast Cancer

Each year, coinciding with the celebration of the World Day against Breast Cancer , hundreds of activities are organized to raise funds and sensitize society, and in particular, all women of the impact of this disease, and the need to reinforce the investigation. It is likely that you yourself have participated in some of them, like the popular marathons ( Women ‘s Race , Women Race …) or retweeted a message with the hashtag campaign #SumateAlRosa or #AeccEnMarcha of the Spanish Association Against Cancer . But although we have all heard about what the risk factors are, we do not always take preventive measures. However, it has…

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Tips for The Prevention of Breast Cancer Cancer 

Tips for The Prevention of Breast Cancer

Preventing breast cancer is also in our hands. This is the premise that Polisalud starts with this October. In fact, we believe that the first step to fight against the most frequent tumor in women is prevention. Therefore, today we give you a series of simple tips, which can all help through which you can help reduce the risk of developing a tumor in the chest: Always active! We know that it is important to avoid sedentary life. Go for a walk at a steady pace, go by bike, or do yoga, you can even do it…

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