Cannabis Concentrates and the Healing Effect

Marijuana or marihuana is a name for cannabis plant used for medical purposes. It contains high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol.

Some countries around the world prohibit growing marijuana. They categorize marijuana same with heroin, cocaine, and meth. It doesn’t mean that they think of marijuana as equally dangerous with the other three chemicals, but they described it as having a high potential for abuse- not to fall on kids’ hand.

Recent studies show that this plant has a high potential to heal, especially chronic pain, anxiety and cancer symptoms. But these studies are hard to conduct because it will require many clinical trials and this substance is strictly regulated. The Trump administration took a more robust line in allowing a federal prosecutor to crack down on Phoenix edible marijuana even in states where it is illegal. This will eventually shut the state-legal pot business.

The reverse happens, some institution in the US were given license as marijuana dispensary. They aim to cater to the need of their hopeless clients who have a chronic disease, and cancer and some have cerebral palsy and others are with anxiety. I could say that nature around us provided natural healing ingredients, yet undiscovered.

In some markets, there are different types cannabis concentrates, but they have one thing in common: they are all byproducts of marijuana that have been made by extracting useful ingredients from the plant to be useful.

The Concentrates

There are various ways to extract concentrates from the cannabis shrub. Professionals and well-trained individuals are following some of the methods, and others would also engage in the do-it-yourself process. The most common is the butane extraction. It uses heat and temperature to purge butane, cannabinoids, terpenes and other chemicals from the dried plant. This will be done in a closed place by experts. The most natural process is the rosin techniques. You can do this without adding other chemicals by heating a plate or a parchment paper. The most uncommon is the Full melt and water concentrate; this is more expensive because not many companies can produce this in large scale.

Cannabis Types and its Effect on Human Body

The plant appears in three distinct types: The Cannabis Indica, which has the relaxing effect that will make you feel drowsy that you stay on the bed. Individuals prefer to use it at night to experience a sound sleep. The Cannabis Sativa which is used in the morning in the afternoon because of its energizing that could help those who have depression and exhaustion. People prefer to use it daytime to keep them active at work. It can also improve your creative side out and medically it can treat ADD and mood disorder. The Hybrid offers you balance that you can get in both worlds. Some rs and people in the US admitted that it could shrink cancer cells, although Cancer Research UK warns patients that there is no evidence of such claim. Using cannabis is 114 times less deadly than drinking alcohol according to Scientific Reports.

Anything that is too much is dangerous, not just Phoenix edible marijuana. Thousands of individuals sought for a miracle to heal incurable disease. Will the world open its mind for this explosive fact? Or will we remain silent about what it can bring us? Can this be the answer?