Breast Lump Screening in Los Angeles- When to See a DoctorHealth 

Breast Lump Screening in Los Angeles- When to See a Doctor

Breast lumps can be a frightening. This is a reason to freak out. However, there is no reason to panic just yet. You need to know that all breasts lumps are not harmful. However, this only a doctor can tell you after breast lump screening in Los Angeles

Before Conducting Breast Lump Screening in Los Angeles

If you have found that you have breast lump, you need to first look at the calendar for period dates. Sometimes period causes breast lumps. These lumps are really painful and will not let you relax till the period is over. This is why, you need to first find out whether you are about to have your period or not.

However, in case you are not about to have your period, you need to talk to a doctor. This is important because the cause of the lump is not period. You need to keep some important information written down for better understanding. In fact these will be asked by your doctor. The duration is important. How long have you noticed the lump? Is it changing size? Is it getting bigger? Is it getting smaller? Does it move? Does it remain fixed? There are a lot of information to jot down. So, when you are waiting for the doctor’s appointment data to appear, you need to write these down. The doctor will thank you for the information.

Breast lumps which have occurred due to cancer are usually hard and unmovable. This is why, you need to feel the lump and see whether it is moving or not. You are under no circumstance should ignore the breast lumps. It might cause real problem for you.

The test needs to be right. There are too many tests which the doctor can prescribe you. However, it is important that you see a doctor with right credential. The doctor needs to have skill and expertise to offer you treatment. This is why, you need to find the right doctor. Someone who has treated patients with similar type of ailment is the right person to diagnose you. For this you need to seek feedback of people who have suffered from similar problem. You can get referrals from a hospital or online resources as well.

Remember that a lump which can cause you harm will remain for a long time. In fact, if the lump does not disappear after a week, you need to go see a doctor. If this lump is cancer, your nipple might start losing blood as well. This is an event to be aware of. Also, the breast skin changes with time. You will notice skin crusts in case you are suffering from cancer.

You will need a biopsy to find out whether the lump is indeed cancer or not. The biopsy might cause you fear, but, you should not fear this. The procedure will determine whether you should opt for further cancer treatment or not. The procedure requires removing a part of the affected area. This is done to examine closely.

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