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5 Useful Tips and Tricks for Grinding in a Blender

Owning a blender grinder makes food preparation an efficient, easy and quick job. In today’s era, we cannot think of toiling for long hours in the kitchen grinding things in a mortar &pestle. As it has gained the recognition of being a must-have kitchen appliance, the market is flooded with various models each having different functions. There are basic models that are good enough to make shakes or smoothies and then there are advanced models that can be used for a multitude of functions.

Blender grinder has made lives easier in the kitchen to the best of its potential. There are few tips and tricks, which if kept in mind, will be helpful while using this appliance. 

  1. Hot Liquid: Unless your blender has an option for hot beverages, don’t try to put boiling hot liquid in the blender. Let the temperature come down a bit before you transfer the contents to the blender. Also, make sure that the jar is not filled up to the brim. Allow some space for the heat to escape else it might lead to an explosion.
  1. Using Frozen Fruits in Smoothies: The easiest breakfast recipe is to toss some frozen fruits with a glass of milk, some nuts and oats for a wholesome meal. However, care should be taken to avoid using fully frozen fruits. Thaw them before putting in the blender. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, if you put completely frozen stuff, it won’t blend smoothly and there will be some lumps left.Secondly, it can cause damage to the blades of the blender.
  1. Don’t Blend Potatoes: Potatoes are starchy vegetables and there are chances that the blades of the powerful blender will over-blend them. If over-blended, they will release too much of starch. This starch, which then mixes with the liquid present in the potatoes, turns the mashed potatoes into a gluey mess. What you actually would be looking forward to is a fluffy dish and not a gluey and unappealing mess.
  1. Measurements to Be Used: Whenever you are using your blender to make any thick puree, you should always fill the jar maximum to half the capacity. This will provide ample of space for the ingredients to turn freely and get converted into a thick puree efficiently. Also, while blending do not run for a long time continuously. In fact, stop the blender after every minute to scrape down the sides and stir the ingredients. While processing nuts, use only the ‘PULSE’ setting as it chops them evenly and again don’t fill the jar up to its full capacity.
  1. Never Operate Without a Lid: Though the advanced blenders usually come with an added safety feature that does not allow the machine to run unless the lid is secured, some basic models might lack this feature. Whether you have this feature or not in your blender, always make sure to secure the lid before blending anything however little the quantity may be.

Blender is an amazing kitchen appliance that every modern kitchen usually has as it is designed to make your work easy. You can use this magic device to blend everything and anything. Depending upon the model, however, care should be taken to avoid items that are not meant to be blended in that particular model. The above tips will definitely help you realise the potential of this appliance to the maximum.

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