4 simple ways to get rid of pests in your homeHealth 

4 simple ways to get rid of pests in your home

We present easy remedies to make your home a pest-free zone – starting with the regular use of insect killer spray.

Insects are the bane of modern life. Though mankind has achieved tremendous technological prowess in all walks of life, it is surprising that a pest infestation can bring your household to its knees. Despite expensive pest control treatments, you are unable to get the creepy crawlies out of the house.

Maybe you haven’t tried a few simple measures first, such as –

1. Spray them out!

The first line of defence against insects in the house is to use a good insect killer against them. Insect killers zap the pest on sight – just aim the nozzle at the pest and start spraying. Whether it is a line of ants or a cockroach, most insect killer sprays like Mortein are able to kill and repel the hardiest of pests. Mortein insect killer is especially useful against cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders, ants and even some kinds of bugs. Mortein insect killer is easy and safe to use.

2. Keep the house clean and dry.

Now that you have got most visible pests out of the way by spraying them with insect killer, it is time to train your sights on your house. If your house is messy or unclean, it automatically becomes a safe harbour for pests. Do away with all the extra bags, newspapers, shoes and other items in your house. Once you have cleaned up the mess, you can wipe down all the hard surfaces with antibacterial solution so that they are safe from viral or bacterial activity. Also sanitise the areas of cooking and chopping in the kitchen, as well as the taps, door knobs and faucets in the bathrooms. Sanitised spaces repel pests.

3. Target the drains.

Cockroaches are likely to enter your house through the drains. Once they enter the home, they quickly set up nests and look for open trash cans and spilled food for nourishment. Seal off their entry by spraying the floor traps and sink drains with insect killer spray every night. The spray can repel and kill all lurking cockroaches.

4. Seal all crevices and plaster holes.

Pests need a place to hide, and loose floorboards, holes and cavities in the plaster, loose skirting and even disused lofts are great hiding places. Clean out all unused spaces in the house, and fumigate with an insect killer after sweeping and dusting. Meanwhile, take a silicone glue gun and seal off all holes in the walls and skirting so that pests cannot gain entry or get out. If the pain is peeling, scrape it off using sandpaper, and then spray the wall with antifungal solution so that it does not become a breeding ground for bacteria.

These simple measures will keep your home free of pests for a long time to come.

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