Useful Tips To Prevent Breast Cancer Cancer 

Useful Tips To Prevent Breast Cancer

Each year, coinciding with the celebration of the World Day against Breast Cancer , hundreds of activities are organized to raise funds and sensitize society, and in particular, all women of the impact of this disease, and the need to reinforce the investigation. It is likely that you yourself have participated in some of them, like the popular marathons ( Women ‘s Race , Women Race …) or retweeted a message with the hashtag campaign #SumateAlRosa or #AeccEnMarcha of the Spanish Association Against Cancer . But although we have all heard about what the risk factors are, we do not always take preventive measures. However, it has…

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Tips to Reduce Cholesterol Cholesterol 

5 Tips to Reduce Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a type of fat generated and processed naturally in the liver, which circulates in the blood together with other proteins and which intervenes in several vital processes of the organism. When there is an excess of blood cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia), the fat can accumulate in the walls of the arteries forming an atheromatous plaque, which if it breaks or blocks the blood flow, can prevent oxygen from reaching the heart and causing a heart attack. . Currently, 20% of the adult population in Spain has high levels of cholesterol in…

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Nutrition Tips for Pregnant Women Health 

Nutrition Tips for Pregnant Women

Women have a very important role in the current era . While in the old days the women stayed at home doing housework and took care of the infants. As they satiated the needs of their peers, in these times things have changed radically. It is easy to find women with careers, focused on reaching relevant positions in society, but despite all the success they can reap at the job , there are those who also decide to become mothers. And it is to know that in your interior you live, it is something a…

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